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Angel~ Freak;Stalker;Homicidal Maniac

Angel (ShellyBelly123456789, now known as StragProductions) is a suspected alien suffering from amnesia that took a place in the school on a mission of revenge. Unknown trauma from her past has corrupted her mind, that whilst being childish is far from innocent. Finding it hard to socialise with others, she generally keeps to herself and many find her creepy because of this. The more cowardly students daren't approach her, her alleged schizophrenia earning her a label of "freak".


Life Before EarthEdit

Angel was born on a planet called Sesharrim, a harsh land inhabited by an animal-like species that prided themselves upon the "civilised" ways of their people. An
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Angel and her forbidden love were not the most subtle of couples, and their passion was ultimately their downfall.

gel was never one for following the rules, and promptly fell in love with a forbidden man. She was caught, and her lover killed in the struggle. Angel cracked and went on an almost rampage, killing everyone present. She was quickly apprehended, too shaken to fight back. Admitting the deaths of the others present, she refused to admit to killing her lover, insisting that was what had provoked her. The council tortured her by using her own voice against her until her finally confessed. She was sentenced to be exiled on Earth, the idea behind the punishment being that life on such a barabaric and uncivilised world would be so strenuous that by the time the council came to collect her for execution in the future, she would be begging them for death. They teleported her down to the planet's surface, the disturbance later blamed as an "earth tremor". Mok, being the only witness, approached her and questionned her as to why she was there. She managed to explain her lover's death and her prosecution before collapsing from the wounds of the impact and the atmospheric differences. Mok took her in, somewhat impressed by the gore of the story and apparent strength of
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Angel was exiled to Earth as punishment.

such a small creature. When she woke up the next morning, she couldn't even remember her own name (her original birth name still being unknown) and was incredibly distressed and disoriented. Mok decided to care for her permenantly, his experiments at the time still unsuccessful. He took to her further when medicinal knowledge locked away in her subconscious solved his problems and helped him create things that didn't literally fall apart at the seams.

Landing on EarthEdit

Mok was the first person on Earth to see Angel when she landed there 28 years ago in March 1983. He kept the details of her past a secret, telling her only that

People affected by Angel's "persuasion" are recognisable by the purple tinges to their eyes.

she fell from the sky one day, like an angel - his Angel. She interpets this as herself being a lost soul, trying to leave Earth and failing. She uses this as her basis for why she is "magic", having little understanding or comprehension that it is possible for there to be anything beyond Earth, let alone for her to have come from it. With Mok being the only person she saw every day, she soon fell in love with him and cherished every waking moment with him. She soon discovered that she had "magic" powers, making her able to persuade others to do her bidding, through speech and singing. The manipulation of the vibrations in the air affects the brains of those around her, therefore making any of high intelligence harder to control. Although it is thought she is the only survivor of a spaceship burning up in the atmosphere by the school, her true origins and memories are unknown to any other than Mok.

Creation of OmarEdit

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Being with only her love, Angel soon pined for a new friend. Noticing that other humans looked different from her, she begged for Mok to create a friend for her - someone that looked like her. Unable to refuse, he set about on an experiment to morph animal and human DNA together to create a whole new species. The result of this experiment? Omar. Angel's subconscious based his looks upon her killed lover from her home planet. When Omar killed Mok, Angel became even more traumatised and corrupted than a lifetime of living with Mok's influence could have ever made her. Any emotions she had dwindled, until she was left will little more than an obsessive love for Mok and a hatred of Omar. The trauma manifested itself into a living memory of Mok, a ghost she believes to be real that guides her in a path for venegance. She forced herself to believe he was real by persuading herself that he was so - she wants Mok more than anything else and would rather have a false belief that he is with her constantly than be apart from him. Other people believe she talks to herself, the ghost invisible to most others (Omar being one of the exceptions). She was convinced that the only way to be with Mok fully was to kill Omar.

Life at SchoolEdit

The School FileEdit

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Angel's school file is somewhat of a legend amongst staff. Although she probably has the least known about her, her file is still one of the biggest. The reason? Vast numbers of homicides and suicides connected to her, seemingly following her wherever she goes. The school are keeping an eye on her, although that's pretty hard with her tendency to disappear into the shadows. With the ability to force people to do anything she wants, disaster could strike at any moment... and the blood-splattered pages are more than enough proof. Usually kept under lock and key, the file is shown to teachers in their introductions to t
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he school. Of course, it's been a long time since she's killed anyone, but that could change very easily. Few of the students are truly innocent - Angel certainly isn't one of them. Although she keeps to herself, the people that are aware of her treat her with due care. Just one step beyond the boundary is a deathwish.

Angel's RoomEdit

Angel's room is often viewed by others as an extension of her own volatile personality and an inlook into what she's really like under her tough exterior. It's not a very nice place to be, a cold and lonely room deep inside involuntary solitude with the most dangerous students you're likely to encounter in the building. Although the objects themselves are very impersonal, Angel choosing to keep all her things under her bed rather than in the provided drawers and shelves, the walls are covered with pent up emotions and countdowns not dissimilar to the sadistic scribblings in her notebook. Whilst it might look like a mess to others, Angel understands it perfectly and sees it as the running of her mind.

Angel's Notebook and DiaryEdit

In the seemingly expansive pockets upon her person, there are two books she carries at all times - namely her notebook and diary. They both issue the same purpose and act as outlets and also places to record her emotions and desires. However, her notebook is just for the negative and her diary just for the positive, the idea being that the only real log of events is a happy one and only the good memories really happened. Mok bestowed this idea on her when he realised how vicious the bad moods that hit her could be and, not wanting to disappoint him and finding him to be the smartest man alive anyway and therefore the only advice she should follow without doubt, took it up and never stopped. Seeing Angel scribbling in her notebook is often a sign that she has something on her mind. Unfortunately, it's very rare to see Angel not scribbling in it.

Angel's WalkmanEdit

It isn't rare to see Angel lost in her own world, donning her large ears with the bulky headphones of her chunky 80s cassette player. She will only ever be playing one tape - an album from 1987 that she and Mok constructed themselves. Hearing his voice instantly calms her and brings her to a happy place, but any negativity in close proximity can often send her over the edge into sadness due to the refreshened memories that plague her. She'd never seen the need to use her walkman before coming to the school, always having played the tape aloud to experiments.


Mok - Despite all his abuse and manipulation of Angel over the years, she looks beyond this and ignores the voices of reason. She still loves him dearly and won't hear a word against him, naming her teddybear after him and often talking fondly to him online. She's quick to defend him and often has dreams about him that leave her calling for him in the night. After having depended on him for her whole life, she feels lost without him and although she is now with Tack, often wishes she was with Mok again.

Omar - They seem to spend most of their time squabbling like irritable siblings and getting on each other's nerves, cracking crude jokes and trying to grind the other's gears. Angel views him as a prick.

Jasmine/Demona - Angel pays so little attention to Dem, that this irks Dem in itself and she does not take kindly to her.

Cale - W
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ith a little "persuasion", Angel has convinced Cale to like her and he would think nothing of talking to her like an old friend.

Sinbad - Although he didn't catch the full brunt of Angel's "persuasion" teachniques, Sinbad seems to have taken to Angel and is deadly curious about her.

Tarzan - Angel remembers him clearly, as she helped Mok create him, and she has an almost pride for how he turned out. She treats him more as a pet than a person, and she humours his fear of her by snapping at him to make him jump, although she would never hurt him. She's eager to have him safely in her grasp, where she can put him to good use. She much prefers his other personality, Vinny, to the experiment that she cared for, feeling incredibly attracted to the sultry homicidal maniac dwelling within the zombie's beautifully sculpted body. She is determined to trick Vinny into thinking he controls Tarzan as a whole after Mok refused to let her make this so; Vinny says that only after she has done this favour for him will he have sex with her.
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Milo - He is scared of Angel, and rightly so, after wandering across her file and seeing a glimpse of her past. Angel finds this highly amusing, and enjoys teasing him about it in her own special way. Following her learning about his sad past, Angel's opinions changed and she now has an empathy for him that she never possessed before. Milo, in return following a heart-to-heart with the alien, pities Angel and hates seeing her upset - especially when he knows her unstable mind and homicidal tendencies are brought on by an overwhelming grief that he can easily relate to.

Dean - When the councillor had an appointment with Angel to assess how she was settling into school, he wasn't expecting anything too major. That was until he read her mind. Dean greatly wishes that she'll never take up his offer to come talk to him whenever need be - not that he thinks she will, given her attitude towards him. She wouldn't be the only student to have hostilities towards his psychic abilities but Angel particularly dislikes him for bringing up Mok like he's an afterthought. She doesn't particularly care if others go prying in her mind, but Mok is her's and she doesn't want other people questioning him. Despite this, she still likes talking to Dean, secretly adoring having the chance to have a no strings attached conversation about her life and how she was feeling.

Moses - Angel never really cared about Moses, in all honesty. He thought she was pretty cool, but she couldn't give a fuck either way. Until Moses managed to let slip a certain aspect of his parentage that is... Angel feels proud of Moses, even though she didn't help Mok create his "son", merely because he's made from part of Mok himself. She is extremely fond of him now and would never do anything to hurt him. As far as she's concerned, he's one of the "family".

Phoebus - Even though he's almost always with Moses, Angel doesn't really have a opinion on him. He isn't where her main focus lies so she often forgets about him entirely. Maybe if he did something to catch her interest, she'd take a bit more notice.

Flynn - Angel sees Flynn as stupid and pathetic, knowing he's dangerous inside but letting himself be weakened by his apparent pity for those much lower than himself. The way he helps Milo makes her laugh so hard that she sees Flynn Rider as little more than the hottest joke, especially regarding his "feeble" dependency on the moon. She has recently deteriorated from merely disliking him to despising his guts, after his sneering accusations and insults directed towards Mok. To date, she has attacked him with malicious intent twice and has to physically restrain herself from just slitting his throat.

Tack - After being pestered by Kiba to "at least talk to the guy", Angel eventually gave in and left him a
message on Tumblr. Able to talk to her in this situation, Tack and Angel started to get on until she pulled him into her room and had a real conversation with him. Impressed by his magic tricks and finding that he was really rather cute when he wasn't creeping on her, she agreed to be friends with him. However, Panty had other ideas and decided that friends just wasn't enough. She gave Tack an alter ego that preyed on a drunk Angel until they had sex. When
Tack reverted to normal halfway through, he ran away and both of them pretended that nothing happened by playing video games and using each other as a pillow. As time went on, they grew closer and closer until Angel realised that Tack made her happy. Much happier than she could possibly have imagined... She realised that she was in love with him. She didn't want to be and tried to deny it but eventually she couldn't, blurting it out to him one night. She insists that Mok will never find out and that all that's important is being and staying together. Supposedly, Angel cheated on him, when Tack confronted her they got into a fight and broke up, Angel immediately regretted it but was captured by Mok before she could apologize to Tack.

Pips - Pips is the closest thing to a best friend that Angel has. They don't really talk about themselves much but they have fun together and she's more interested in his female form than wanting to make fun of it. They also seem to have similar relationships with the same people, both of them taking an active dislike to Ayumu and liking Cale.

Ayumu - Angel's pretty pissed that he was messing around in her head and she wants her own back. She's waiting for the right moments to use Ayumu's fear of dogs against him. As for now, she's looking out for him. He's not really priority so she's content with just watching him through the corner of her eye until the time is right. However, if he's close enough and she's in the mood for it, she wouldn't think against messing with him. As far as Angel's concerned, he deserves it. Besides, Pips doesn't like him anyway.

Rapunzel - Punz and Angel started talking on Tumblr by accident, and then ran into each other when Angel was helping Milo "study". Angel thinks Punz is funny and she's sort of happy to talk to someone her own height f
or once... Though a lot of people refuse to believe that they could get on for such a simple reason. Kiba - Angel and Kiba became friends pretty quickly, finding a common like of violent video games. Even though his flirty manwhore tendencies piss her off, she likes the way he treats her like a normal person rather than some sort of maniac. One night, after getting drunk together, the two had sex. Angel was pretty hostile for about a day until she realised that she sort of wanted to remain Kiba's friend. They still joke about it all the time, even though it gets really awkward.

Shen - Angel and Mok created Shen some time in 1983 after Angel sawed her in half with a chainsaw. The two clicked due to Shen's ballsy attitude and were best friends for 18 years. Angel didn't mind her defects and whorish tendencies and fought to keep her despite Mok's protests that she was a complete failure. When Shen eventually fell apart from the intense hormone imbalances in her system, Angel was distraught. Mok kept the corpse and put her back together after Angel returned to school following evacuation. He sent her to spy on Angel but Shen has very little intention of doing any more than having sex and having fun.

Ruthven - Angel always admired her Maths teacher and he took a shine to her, giving her high grades in class and talking to her frequently. Following her run-in with Kiba, she started to realise that she adored the feeling of being loved and cherished by a man and after hearing from Shen that Ruthven would be up to anything, went to his office in search of "extra tutoring". They have had sex a few times, Angel feeling unable to resist the vampire's rough style of loving.


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