Bobby and Emma

Robert "Bobby" Drake Shaw is the younger brother of Emma. He's a typical Shaw. Despite his twisted ideas, he does care for his sister.

Played by Lucida0lownes


Bobby was raised to be a soldier for the Shaw family and to protect the Head.


Emma- Emma and Bobby had a rather good relationship and Bobby looked up to her greatly until recently due to Sebastian's influence on him. The pair are now strained, despite Bobby's loyalty to her. He's currently split between his loyalty to her and to the family.

Jezzy-Bobby adores his niece very much. Despite her lack of magical abilities, he has a very big soft spot for her.

Puck-Puck is Bobby's Fey servant, from his mother's side. There is a blood bond and Puck frequently refers to Bobby as the white prince.

Thorn Hawkeye-Thorn had an inkling for Bobby while he himself just found her an interesting conversation partner. He had no emotional connection to her and had no qualms with killing her when she had become "dangerous" due to being bitten by a werewolf and it clashing with her lycan side.

William Clayton-The two never met, but Bobby wasn't sure if he approved of Emma's fiance due to his magic. After Clayton's depature from the mortal realm, Bobby had looked at finding consorts for Emma, upsetting her. This spurred Clayton to influence his dreams, causing him to have nightmares.

Maes Hughes-The pair did not like each other and were at odds but managed to keep it mildly civil.

Greed-These two do not get along at all. From the first moment they met, they fought. Unfortunately for Bobby, he was exhausted from the nightmares Clayton gave him and so was defeated but not killed. Now he wishes to take Greed out.

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