Cassim is a janitor as well as the night security at Spirit High. He was originally offered a teaching job but refused it because of his dislike of kids. He is a powerful sorceror who hates messes almost as much as he hates students. So it is advisable not have him catch you making a mess..


Ruthven- Cassim has become good friends with the new math teacher.

Yuki- It has been revealed that she is Cassim's soulmate.

Clayton- Centuries ago, Cassim was arrested for being a wizard and enslaved to Clayton. Clayton taught him the art of swordplay and he grew to respect him, as well as fear him. But over time the guilt over the innocents hurt in their line of work began to consume Cassim, and he stole Clayton's secret to immortality so he might gain more time in an effort to break his own curse. Clayton caught up to him, however, and slaughtered everyone in the village where Cassim had been living. Cassim regrets that so many lives were lost and the mistakes he has made.

Silver- Cassim and Silver met each other through Yuki and have a very interesting relationship. Bromance, one might say.

Jafar- His younger, half brother. Their relationship is a bit unstable.

The Reason for His PowersEdit

One of his ancestors, an ancient egyptian, made a deal with a demon. The demon took the egyptian's heart and transformed it into an animal that reflected his soul, it was from this familiar that the egyptian gained his powers. But the egyptian's choice proved to be a curse for his family, for the powers of the sorceror are passed from parent to child, meaning that whenever a child is born the parent dies.


In the past Cassim had a familiar, a dog he called Tramp. He would travel with Tramp to look for relics that would break the curse given to him by his ancestor and separate their two hearts, on one such journey they met a demon, who said the only way to separate their hearts would require a ritual in which a human would have to be sacrificed. Cassim believed the demon, and sent Tramp to kill convicts and criminals (to ease his conscience). But with each human killed their shared heart grew darker, until finally Tramp turned against Cassim. Cassim was able to lock Tramp away within himself, which is why he can shift into the Gargoyle beast (Bronx), Tramp's darker form.

Recently, however, Cassim has been able to mend his heart (with the help of certain students) and Tramp was able to return to normal, but since he had stayed hidden for so long his appearance is only that of a puppy. Because of this, Cassim can no longer turn into the Gargoyle beast (Bronx).