Ayumu comes from a Matriarch society- a civilization run and ruled by women. Apparently, a few hundred years before his birth a vicious war between Fox and Wolf happened, killing all or most of the male kitsune foxes. His mother left her clan in search of a husband and met Goliath's father.together they had Ayumu who showed no signs gargoyle traits at all, but rather of his mother. His parents later had goliath and his brother, both showing the signs of being gargoyles.

Though technically the oldest, he can only age by gaining more tails until the maximum of nine are gained. as such, he is only a junior in highschool. even though he belong's to Demona and Destino's clan by blood, he stayed with his Kitsune relatives who trained and raised him for the majority of his life. being the only full male kitsune (the only one who is not a mixture of both species of his parents) they protected him continuosly as he is the last answer to keeping their race alive- his children will always be full-blooded kitsune. at first there was doubt as to if he could at all, considering his father, but was later determined by a sorcerer that the gargoyle genes would not affect his offspring in any way.

throughout most of his life, he was kept on a short leash, not allowed to do anything that might harm or kill him. But after many assasination attempts, he was sent to Spirit High with Genie for his safety.

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