Although quite friendly and easy-going Rogue puts on a strong and offensive front. So doesn't warm to people easily and avoids as much contact with others as she can - given the nature of her gift and how intrusive it can be she resents being able to 'feel' everyone else's emotions.

She is flirtatious and fiesty despite this. And although a mere human she is strong of will and character. head strong, confident and stubborn. She doesn' take 'no' for an answer, nor does she hold back in obtaining what she wants - this applies to everything and anything in Rogue's world.

Fiercly protective of those she cares about - having felt the loss of Logan and fearing loising anyone else close to her - Rogue is quicik to fight in order to protect those she loves.

If you're her friend then you might as well think of her as family. If you are her enemy then consider her lethal, given the nature of her empathy she knows that she can use other people's emotiions/ powers against them and is not afraid to do it.

To know her is to understand her complex nature.

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