Rogue is an empath this entails;

The feeling/sesing of anothers emotion - to know their true and eeepest emotions Rogue has to have physiucal skin to skin contact. This often result sin emotion/memory and sometime power transferrance.

She can read 'surface emotions' those that are 'natural' to a person she can detect be simply being close to them - the stronger that surface emotion is however the stronger the impact it has on her.

She can senses the 'truth' in an individual by reading their emotions. Furthermore her deep sense of 'knowing' means she has a raw sensitivity to peoples emotins and feelings - making her compassionate, considerate and understanding.

As an empath she can not abide or endure great emotinal distress - or situations that cause it. The likes of bullying or other forms of physical violence make her feel quite ill and if strong enough she will experinece what feels like cardiac arrest and extreme migranes.

She experiences emapthy towards human/supernaturals and animal - with supernaturals close contact is what leads to breif power transferrance. Her power is not limited by time and space - she can feel someones emotional distress *if it is strong enough* from miles away. If she has a residual emotional connection to a person - created through persitent skin to skin contact - she will be more in tune to them emotionally, and 'know' when they are suffering.

Empathy is inherited - a gift passed down from her mother. She know she had potential for greatness but at the same time she is afraid of what this could mean, desperate to learn to control her power, which for an empath means being able to pick and choose when she detects and feels other emotions.

Her empathy works by allowing her to pick up energies from a person - emotions have a frequency and this is what Rogue reads and feels - when the frequency is 'loud' enough it causes her pain.

Although she prefers not to touch or be touched she welcomes human contact but is always afaid that what she gains from it will be something she can not handle

EMPATHY FURTHER ON - Rogue knows very little about her gift or what it entails. From what reading she has done on the subject she has learnt that in time empaths learns to control their reading ability as well as their sensing ability. They can turn it on and off so to speak - allowing them to live relatively normal lives.

She is also aware that more powerful empaths have the power to porject their own emotions onto another individual, and vague rumors that the strongest of empaths can even manipulate other's emotions as a result.

With those she has an emotional connection to she believes in time she will not only be able to share/project ther meotins onto them so their have a deep 'knowing' of eachother but believes that she may be able to astral project a vision off herself over long distances to them when her own emotional stress is too much.

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