Because he was so overprotected during his life, Ayumu is very reckless, often getting into fights or pulling pranks or doing something his family would classify as "dangerous." the worst threat anyone could ever give him is suspension- it means he has to go back to his over-bearing kitsune relatives. he loves getting into detention, if only to see just how fast he can get out again. His species has a built in fear of dogs, so he avoids the were-wolf community of the high-school, preferring pranking them or hide from them instead. He's the happy-go-lucky kid you would describe as open, but when asked about him, would confess you didn't really know anything about who he is what he does or what he can do besides the obvious. not many know what he is, the only ones being Tuptim, who's family he stayed with over the summer to get used to America, Lilo, who accidentally unleashed it, Giselle, who could sense it from her powers, and Destino, who was told by her boyfriend Goliath.

Having lived in a society of only women his entire life, he prefers their company to males, and is all for women's rights. although he does have a guy friend, they are not particuarly close. he likes suprising people. he'll come across as the "basd student" but will still be able to pull A's if he wanted to.

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