Chiyuki, otherwise known as Snow White, is a fallen goddess in UsagiTsukinoMoon's "They're all real" RP series. She is played by ayameazureha786.

Chiyuki the Ice Spirit

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Chiyuki was one of the first "Yuki-Onna" to descend from heaven. She was, up until that time, a simple minor goddess of gentle snows and rebirth. Her mother was the Northern star, known for silent but encouraging guidance and her father was the God of storms. Her grandparents gave birth to humans. And imperfect race full of greed and ambition. Watching this race intreagued her greatly and she begged her parents to let her observe them from their world. They reluctantly agreed. Chiyuki descended near the ice cap of Mount Fuji, Japan on the clearest night when the north star's brilliance was at it's zenith. She's spent years playing pranks on humans to see the variety of reactions she couls pull from them.


As a lesser god she needs to return to the heavenly land in order to regain her powers. She does so every thousand years. At the industrialistic age swept across the world, Chiyuki thought it wise to return to her homeland only to find herself unable to. The heavenly land was no more due to the humans belief in science over supernaturality. What the humans thought was natural, was actually the elements acting upon anarchy. All of her family had been unkowingly killed. Troubled and alone Chiyuki has been wondering the relm of humans, desperate to find a sorce of power before she also fades away. She continued to watch as chrisitanity made it's way to religious power in her country. It wasn't until the wintery day of her descent that she saw some minors desecreate her family's shrines. She snapped, summoning all of her remaining power she froze them completely and shattered them almost as if they had been dipped in liquid nitrogen. Their fear and agony left her some energy to get away from the scene before to many on lookers arrived. She then realized that if the humans doubted the supernatural, all she had to do was make them believe again. She's been on a killing spree ever since.

Un-explained DisappearancesEdit

Ireland, December 5 1894 6 Youths mysteriously Vanish
China December 5, 1924 Flash avalanche,4 survivors-15 dead- 4 MIA

St. Petersburg, Russia December 5, 1985

Train ran off of tracks no survivors

School LifeEdit

Chiyuki is new to this school and hasn't experience much as of yet. All she knows is that she entered this school mainly for companionship and found it in Jasmine/Demona 's group.


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