The CliquesEdit

Welcome to the "Cliques". Here's where you'll find information on some of the different groups and the various characters that make up that group. Every High School has them, and this one is no exception.

The BAMF CrewEdit

The BAMF Crew, a.k.a. High School Royalty, are the top of the popular kids and run the school.

Jasmine/DemonaOmarCaleSinbadAriel • Flamette

The Fear SquadEdit

The Fear Squad a.k.a Cheer Leaders, include some of the most popular and bad girls in the school.


The Fright Club (Wrestling Team)Edit

This is the school's Play off on "Fight Club." It is a more serious form of Shan Yu's Combat class.

Sponsor: Shan Yu/Kerchek


The Anti-BAMFsEdit

These tough students only really have each other... and the lunch money they grapple from the geeks.

The JocksEdit


The Glee ClubEdit

A group of hardworking students who enjoy the arts and put on shows for the school.

Sponsor: Dimitri/Spirit

Members: Pocahontas :: Esmeralda :: Odette :: Madeline :: Rapunzel :: Tzipporah :: Emily :: Shanti :: Flynn :: Katara

The BulliesEdit

The RebelsEdit

The Rebels are a group of rebellious teens that tend to break the rules in school and often get into trouble.

Members: Chel Megara Tinkerbell

The Swim TeamEdit

The AnimalsEdit

Anyone that just wants to have fun without all the drama. They use Brawn instead of Brian because he sucks. Even though they are smart, they love to sit around a bonfires and tell stories or just listen and occasionally pull pranks on people

Terk - Pumba - Audrey - Yuki Cross - Violet Parr

The GeeksEdit

The 'Underdogs' of the school that are often picked on. However, they are a strong group of friends and due to this they rarely back down to their personal antagonists.

Milo Thatch - Jim Hawkins - Madeline - Jane Darling - Giselle - Jane Porter - Cinderella - Anya

The CaballerosEdit

A group of prankster/joker based friends.

Ayumu - Naveen - Little Creek -Eilonwy

The BGWEdit

A group of Babydolls-Gone-Wrong.

Shanti - Roxanne

The "A"-TeamEdit

The "A" team was named aptly because most of the members of this squad had an 'a' at the end of their names.

Vidia - Prilla - Katara - Calla - Daria - Audrey

Emo Frick Squad Edit

Emo Frick Squad are a bunch of EDGY bois who are addicted to Fun Dip and stab red Gushers while violently yelling the lyrics to songs by any band you'd find at a Hot Topic.

SnakeEyes - Coiny


A group of overzealous supernatural creatures set on destroying any and all they see as "unworthy."


An organization supposedly created for the sake of controlling the supernatural beings of the world, in the name of protecting humanity. However, recently, it was revealed that they have darker, ulterior motives.