Danny (Dantalion) is a demon (played by Gizmoguy) who has recently joined Spirit High to make amends for his past.

Danny the student, and Dantalion the Demon.

Danny's History (Past/Present)Edit

Danny was once known as Dantalion, a sadistic demon who manipulated mortals into making deals with him, which usually ended badly on their part.


Tom - Danny's son, although they are joing Spirit High under the facade that they are brothers. Danny is very protective of Tom, even going so far as to become his roommate so he can keep an eye on him. Danny has said on more then one occasion that Tom is the most important thing to the world to him, and was the most important part in changing him from an evil demon to his current self.

Silver- Danny once made a deal with Silver on one of the shapeshifter's travels, an encounter in which Silver barely escape with his life. As soon as he entered the school, Silver was struck with sudden blindness, a curse embedded into his old contract that would prevent him from noticing Danny, and revealing who he was to others. Danny eventually lifted Silver's blindness by forming another contract with him. Their relationship since then has been shaky at best, and hateful at worst.

Jack- The first person he interacted with at Spirit High. He asked the science professor how demons were treated at Spirit High, and upon recieving his answer, immediatly started to respect Jack. His science class was the first course Danny signed Tom and himself for, and Jack quickly became his favorite instructor. While in the process of getting to know him better, Danny has begun to have strange thoughts about the extent of his relationship with Jack, and started to consider if it could be taken to a romantic level...