Giselle's historyEdit


¤Giselle has always been close to nature but she wanted to get closer so she went to a wishingwell and fell in to it..

¤There something happen and from a drop she wakes up like something else (Mother Nature from Fantasia 2000)

¤She discover that she has the power to controll the nature but she also discover that she can't controll her new power

¤Innocents were killed because she couldn't controll her power and she realize that if she don't learn to controll them she will die too

¤So she camed to this school to learn to controll it

Will she success or will she fail?

People she have met and their relationship (friends, have only met etc)Edit

Jane - 1915181 (Have only met)

Milo - AreYouNormalBass (Have only met)

Jim - harrypotterfangurl07 (Have only met)

Madeline - Magicofdisney1234 (Have only met)

Ayumu - goodtoby07 (Boyfriend)

Sally - anglodrkness101 (Have only met/friend)

Aisling - aquablaze1515 (Roommate/friend)

Edward - TaoStars309 (Friend - She is like a sister for him)

Esmeralda - MicMic18 (Have only met)

About her (Personality, feeling etc)Edit

Giselle is kind and always helpful and if someone needs a friend she is always there ;)

She is in love with Ayumu and is so happy to be his girlfriend ^.^


Inspired by ToKissMyTears sixth sence Giselle ^.^ But in a kind version xD