Jane's human form


Laila, Jane's werewolf form

Jane/ Laila is a werewolf, later discovered demi-god, attending Spirit High. Her mother sent her to school in hopes that would help her unlock her full potential. She loves to dance.


She has the ability to shift into a werewolf, but her form looks more like a dog, hence she is often teased and bullied. after she had learnt she was a demi-god, she accidently and met Thrax, Jim's Level 5 demon. She can also see people's past by touching them or their belongings.


Jim Hawkins: He first met her in theatre room, he was watching her dance. when she finshed, he told her to just ignore those people and keep on dancing.

Milo Thatch: Jane started hanging out with him after meeting Jim. Milo acts like a big brother to Jane and she sees him in that way too. He stood up to Gaston when he was picking on Jane.

Hiccup: he discovered her while she was dancing, he starts drawing her. he dropped his pencil and jane found him, at first she was scaried and angry, then they became friends as well as her being Hiccup's crush.

Madeline: Jane also started to hang out with her, after meeting Jim. Madeline was also the one who found Jane after her incourterment with Thrax.

Lilo: Jane met Lilo in the hallway, after Lilo messed up a voodoo spell.

Phoebus: he started of being the bully, but he slowly became nicer and nicer to her. he also became like a big brother to her. Esmeralda: she knows Esmeralda from Glee club

Eilonwy: she is Jane's Roommate

Ed: she first meets Ed when he asked her why she is crying, then plafully taking his watch.


Eric: He treats her like all other students, he willingly helped her when she was in need.

Basil: she doesn't like Basil. she doesn't listen in his lessons and he pointed his "authentic" gun at her.

the 3 Good Faries: 1915181 has said that Jane will be in their class.


Wendy- Jane's adopted mother.

Danny-Jane's adoptive brother. whom was changed into a doll

Almathea- Jane's real mother, who was a goddess that gave up her life to protect her child


Jane's mother was taken by an unknown force. she choose to bring her back by doing something that her mother had forbed. She brought back her Mother, but in doing so took away her brother's body, his soul lives in Jane's Peter Pan doll.