Gender -


Species -


Family -

Charra (Mother), Father unknown, seven sisters (No blood relation) and Xerxes (Cousin).

Relationships -

Philip (Fiancé), Yuki (Friend), Jack (Friend).

Juliana is the resident Magical defense professor and a Gorgon at the Spirit High.

She is a roleplay character within the game 'They're all Real' and is played by Shadesogray.



When in her Gorgon form, Juliana posesses the ability to turn anyone, human being or creature, to stone, just by looking at them in the eyes. Due to the breed of Gorgon Juliana is, her 'snake hair' is venemous, the venom able to caus anaphylactic shock. Although Juliana technically posesses no natural magical abilities, she is very adept at using magic she has learned over the years from spell books/tomes.



Phillip - A fellow teacher and an angel whom she met on her first day at the school. The two soon became good friends, Juliana enjoying his company quite a bit. When Philip offered to give her a few combat lessons in preparation for her class she jumped at the chance, the angel very much handing her her ass on a silver platter. However she continued with the classes until one day something changed between the two, certain feelings having developed. Now Philip and Juliana are currently in a relationship, the two having decided to take it slow and see where it goes. Juliana isn't entirely sure of her feelings, but she does know that she is glad to be with him. After various events Philip finally proposed to Juliana. While she said yes she's still quite frightened by the prospect, not all that familiar with the concept of marriage and such.

Yuki - A young purelbooded vampire student Juliana met while conversing with Philip in the staffroom. Although the girl has a penchant for teasing herself and Philip, the two became fast friends. The bond the two share growing ever stronger with each meeting, so much so that Juliana considers Yuki somewhat like family, she loves the girly dearly, though unsure whether to admitted it.

Edgar - The new deputy head. Juliana doesn't quite know what to make of him, but she does not like him, the two having butted heads on more than one occasion. She does not agree with his plan of having brought back the schools old punishments, nor does she like the seemingly unhealthy obsession he has with Cinderella, having threatened him should he hurt any of the students.

Jack - The professor of Science and a demon, skeleton like creature. Jack and Juliana both fought along side each other against the Order.

Riza -