Juliet Capulet (alixmproduction) is an 820 year old vampire, but her body appears to be about eighteen - which means that she is a senior at Spirit High.


Juliet is not a very nice person; however, she tends to put on a facade of kindness. It's when she's really kind or sweet to you that you know you're in trouble. She gets annoyed easily, but it would be much better to have her annoyed at you than mad.

Juliet doesn't really like any other monsters but vampires, so she gets in a mood when she has to interact with them (even if they're her teachers or such). So, to say that Jules was a snob would be absolutely correct.

She is also very bloodthirsty and if you happen to cut yourself when she's around, she'll turn on her charm and get near you before wanting to attack... so be careful.


Juliet was created 802 years ago by a very powerful vampire by the name of Lord Montague, leader of his own little clan. He took a special liking to her and taught her everything that he knew (or at least, that's what he told her... this could very well be a lie). She became like a daughter to him and she is very proud of this fact.

Although Montague is very fond of his "little darling," he knows that she cannot stay with him forever and that if she doesn't go out into the world she will never be able to survive. Plus, he figures if she stays with him for another couple hundred years she'll start to resent him like some of the other memebers of the clan and this is his one way to prevent that. Although Jules doesn't like other races, she respects Lord Montague's decision and is going... but no one said she had to be nice.


Juliet doesn't remember anything from her life as a human. At the moment she doesn't care too much because she likes the way her life is now; however when she starts to get her memory back, will she still feel the same way?


Juilet is a very bloodthirsty vamp, as it is mentioned above. Her way of feeding is odd and no one else seems

One of Juliet's victims.

to do it, but it does show her cruel nature. Jules likes to stab her victims with a sword first and watch them bleed out, dying slowly before feeding on their delicious blood. However, she doesn't know if she'll be able to continue this at the school... but she'll definitely try.


Juliet has this werid thing where she'll randomly dress up as a guy. No one really knows why she does this, but she just does. She also will never tell anyone why she does it, although now-and-days it has seemed to just become a habit.


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