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Mirai (未来) is a Greek demigoddess with magical powers. She has just started at Spirit High as a freshman. She is played by (VidiaPhoenix) and her character claim is Tifa Lockhart.

History Edit

Mirai was born sixteen years ago to Hecate, the goddess of magic, and a powerful Homo Magi (aka a human able to wield Magical powers) called Ferdinad. As with all Greek gods, Hecate couldn't stay nor cared much to stay and raise Mirai as she believed that was a mortal's job. So, Mirai grew up without a motherly influence. Though there were some days she'd wonder where her mom went as her father didn't tell her. For the most part though, Mirai was happy living with just her dad.

Trivia Edit

  • Her father named her Mirai as he was fascinated with the Japanese culture. He didn't realize, nor has ever found out, that Mirai is a word in Japanese, not a name.
  • Her BWH measurements are: B36" W24" H36"
  • Because her breasts are so big, she has chronic back pain.

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