Naveen is a prince who was mysteriously transformed into a frog one night while at a fancy party his parents were hosting. Who did it? No one knows. He was able to get a magic amulet from a local witch, which holds back the curse, although it's quite unreliable and it would be preferable if he could find a more permanent solution to his little problem. .



He doesn't excel in it, but he enjoys being around the other students, having been stuck with tutors for the majority of his schooling back home.



Jimena- A good friend of his. They talk from time to time and Naveen is developing quite the crush on her, although he is too embarassed to say anything as of right now.


The Caballeros

Little Creek: best friend and roomate. closer than brothers. Little Creek was also the second person at the school

Ayumu: the first person he met. He encountered the fox when his medallion short-circuted and turned him into a frog. Ayumu thought he was a normal frog, and tried to eat him. although friends now, their relationship is strained to say the least.

Eilwony: she is a part of the caballeros, and the only girl in the group. he doen't know her very well, but knows that she and ayumu used to be rivals, so he thinks she's alright.