Pocahontas the Nymph:

Pocahontas was born in a tribe. She is like her mother a Nymph too. Her mother died when she was born. Pocahontas never knew her mother. Her father forbid Pocahontas to use her Nymph Abilities. Pocahontas didn't have a strong bond with her father. She wanted to be free and choose her own path. One day her father banished her form the Tribe.

Pocahontas felt lost and went looking for the path she had to take. She never felt accepted by the world. Till one day she heard about a school full of people just like her. There she met Esmeralda and became member of the glee club.


One day an Guy from her tribe wants to mary her. But She refuses. the guy get's so upset and cannot control his anger he try's to kill her because if he can't get her no one can. She get's really afraid and uses her Ability to control his body and she makes him kill hisself. Then when he is dead the rest of the tribe heared her scream and they come to look what happend. Her father Thinks she murdered him. Pocahontas promised never to use her Ability Her father is Furious about it he said that she had shamed her father and he banishes her from the tribe. Pochontas treid to ran to him but someone stopped her and dragged her away the only thing she could scream while crying was DAD she never saw him again after that day. She still cannot deal with it.


Pocahontas is strong and convidend. Because she is no longer afraid to use her ability. She feels much stronger. She loves to make more friends. She hates the once who think there better. Pocahontas finds every one the same if you're Black or White if you're Rich or poor, Ugly or Beautiful. She hates the high school royalty because the think there better then others.


Pocahontas, Gained an ability when she was born. She can control body's and minds. She won't use it on friends but she will use it on her enemy's.


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