Queen Fluff is a character in the roleplay "They're All Real".


Queen Fluff is apparently an experiment and/or accident gone horribly wrong when one day one of the teachers of the Spirit High, Jack Skellington, created a cute and cuddly little fluffy puppy dog. Then it got even worse when they all started to multiply, filling the school and scaring the students and disrupting their daily lives and studies
Queen Fluffy 2

The All Powerful Queen Fluff

Queen Fluff is the leader of this army, and under her command, the dogs swarmed the school, so badly that they had to evacuate the whole student body for a whole week, so the teachers can start eliminating the infestation.

Eventually, the small army was burned and destroyed and Queen Fluff admitted defeat. But this didn't get rid of her as she escaped from the mass erradication of her people by sneaking inside Milo's backpack. Now she resides in the school itself, hanging with some students and sometimes causing trouble. And now every student and teacher has gotten used to the little fluffy creature.

Queen Fluff is very intelligent, almost like she has a human mind in a dog's body. She also loves to jump on people's shoulders or cling to people's backs.

The Queen has also done some mischevious deeds in the school and the most recent one is stealing all of the clothes belonging to the student body, resulting in everyone either naked or wearing sheets. She likes to stash some people's clothes so she can sleep on them, too.