Punz about to change form.


Rapunzel nicknamed Punz (played by FlashakaViolet) is a half-dragon and one of the newest students attending the school.


Dragon punz

Rapunzel as a dragon. She looks a lot like her father.

Being half a dragon she can change form everytime she wants, even if -when she's angry, sad or very happy- she's hardly able to control her transformations. While she's a dragon, she can breath fire, fly and she becames much stronger; she's stronger than a normal girl even in her human form, though. Plus, because of her reptile blood, she can understand animals' language in both forms.


Rapunzel was born from the union of a dragon and a princess; his father turned himself into a handsome human to seduce the woman, so she let him climb her tower and they spent a fiery night together.

After Rapunzel’s birth, the princess disappeared for unknown reasons and left her with her father, so Punz has never known her mother and has got no memories of her, neither her location can be found. Besides, her father doesn’t want the subject to be risen and he never speaks about her in front of Rapunzel, so the princess has become a sort of taboo in their cave.

Rapunzel's father

Rapunzel's father

At the moment, Punz is attending Monster High beyond her control due to her father’s decision; in fact, he wants her daughter to become a real dragon, so he has sent her to a place where she will be able to learn something about her monstrous nature and manage to master her powers. At least, that’s what he hopes.

Rapunzel has a very complex relationship with her father: she loves him very much, and he does love her too, but they also argue a lot, because they see the world in very different ways.


Punz is brave, fun, caring and sensitive. She'd like to be a tough dragon just like her father, but she's completely different from him and she can't help it, even if she gets mad when someone make her notice that and says she's cute.

Rapunzel loves drawing, painting, dancing, acting and singing, that's why she has joined the Glee Club.