Shippo 2

Shippo using he magic leaves.

Played by KagomeSenpai. Shippo is a young for demon. He is powerful with his fox magic at only 6 years of age. He's the second youngest at Spirit High School. He may be strong with his magic and illusions yet he is very weak with his physical attacks.

Personality Edit

Shippo is naively observant. He often makes quirky remarks to Mowgli if he does something wrong. He's a nice boy most of the time and loves meeting people. He's a lot more outgoing than Mowgli, and isn't afraid to make new friends.


Shippo playing red light green light with an old acquaintance.



Shippo was orphan when he was only 5. Both his parents were killed and he wanted revenge. He met a young

Shippo with his first two friends.

girl and boy and befriended them after they helped avenge his parents death. He then stayed them and met a few other friends along the way. He traveled with them for months but once they were ready to go their seperate ways, the group asked a werewolf pack to take care of him. Shippo was reluctant to leave at first, but realized it was for his own good. Once with the pack for a few months he was told the reason he was to be there in the first place. He found out, he was what was called a servant demon. He was chosen long before the leader, Alexandar; Mowgli's father, was even born. He was chosen to be the servant demon to Mowgli and act as his guide to becoming the leader of the werewolf pack. He never met Mowgli but was around when Mowgli was born, meaning that Shippo is actually around 600 years old in his demon years. Though he never met Mowgli until he arrived at Spirit High, he met Mowgli's parents and was often around his father when Mowgli was not. He was however told to hibernate until the right time. Once he arrived at Spirit High he was awakened by Mowgli and Mowgli's friend, Woody. He now attends the school like a normal student, though often following Mowgli around to his classes and being by his side most of the time. He's very eager to meet new people and have multiple friends as he did with his former group of friends.