School FilesEdit

Welcome to the student files, this is basically a video file system which will give an overall profile of the characters, the school, ect. This file is run by a group of students, the head of it is none over than Cinderella herself. The files are very important to the school, these files are integrated into the main system and all teachers, students and parents get to see them! So be good kiddies, the ghosts are always watching.

All Data is collected from interviews from fellow students and teachers, as well as classified sources!

The FilesEdit

File #1 - The School

The File "The School" deals with mainly the school itself and how it works, who started it, what goes on, ect. This is the first in many to come peices of information.

File #2 - The Races

The File "The Races" deals with the different species at the school and their limitations and traits; ghost, vampire, werewolf, shifter, witch, seer, druid and more.

File #3 - Cinderella

The File "Cinderella" is the first of many student files which are going to be published, and will speak more indepth about the student herself and what is known of her. At the end of the video will be a voting system, you get to vote for the next topic covered by the Student Files.