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Toph (Animated and LA)

Toph (played by WickedLove1992 and represented by Hailee Steinfield for LA) is an undead mine kobold, murdered by the demon Jack Skellington and brought back to life by the demon Katz to act as a spy.

She is a strong, headstrong person, tough like the earth she controls. Due to her past, she has a hard time trusting people. She's also very independent, disliking people trying to help her, especially because of her blindness.


Toph is an orphan, living in an orphanage in a supernatural German town. While the orphanage wasn't too bad, Toph naturally still wished to find parents and have a home. When she was twelve, she met Jack, then called Jack Bonaccord, who had noticed how she got around perfectly, and had wondered how she did so. Toph explained her earthbending powers to Jack, and they soon became friends. During the weeks they got to know each other, Toph grew to love him like a father. Yet she didn't know that it was all a ploy, as Jack had gotten his heart ripped out by The Beldam before he met the earthbender. With only a sliver of his heart to give him a desire to replace it, Jack was now a cruel monster, taking advantage of Toph's trust to one night kill her and steal her heart to replace his.

Because her soul was not intact due to her missing heart, Toph could not move on, staying in Purgatory for ninety years until Katz summoned her from the grave.

Life at Spirit HighEdit

When she was summoned by Katz, Toph was told by him that she is to be a spy for him at the school, singling out three particular people to pay attention to: his son Danny, James Hiller, an ally, and her murderer Jack. She was angered with both being bound by a contract and having to spy on Jack, but she complied under the threat of being sent back into the abyss.

Meeting New PeopleEdit

Katara - She was one of the first people Toph met. Toph talked to her about her professor Tulio, and about why he may not wish to talk about his past.

Luke - She met the Basilisk briefly, and had liked him.

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