Tuptim the Genie


She's a free genie so she's free to do what kind of powers she wants. Her favorite power: just standing there looking pretty.


Tuptim is a Straight A student


Tuptim has a great family. Her dad (Genie Dust) is a gym teacher. He's a comedy relief. Her mother (Foxie Loxie Dust) is a muggles teachers (human studies). She's mostly tembered but kind and helpful. And her brother (Robin Dust) is now a new student at spirit. He really loves sports.


10,000 years ago, Tiptum was born a slave genie with her father and mother. They served for the human for so long. (Which is why she really hates humans) Then one day her and her father were free from their lamps and decided to go to a school. Tuptim's father was made gym teacher while Tuptim was a student. She's a cheerleader and president of the Creature Cure Protection Program.


Joining the cheerleader squad meant being with the most popular people in school. That's when she and Demona became best friends.


When a new vampire came to the school, Tuptim fell in love with him. She wishes that he can notice her. She's even tried to give him the (genie charm).


When she was young, Ayumu would come to visit her family for the summer. She, Ayumu and Robin would play pranks on each other and swim at the lake. But things changed once she and her father were captured and became slaves. Then she arrives at the school and Ayumu spots her. Both of them would have lunch together and talk about their families.