Yuki is a pureblood vampire and a student of Spirit High


Yuki was the daughter of the two most powerful purebloods, you could say she was a princess. She orphaned at the age of five, when a small group of humans slaughtered nearly everyone in her clan (it has been discovered that her clan was actually murdered by a rival clan, led by Rido, her betrothed). Only she and her uncle escaped the massacre. Her uncle(Kaien), raised her as his own, but forbade her from associating with other supernatural creatures, even fellow vampires. He taught her how to control her thirst and how to fight. But as time went by Yuki began to grow restless, so her uncle sent her to Spirit High. At first she resented being sent, but gradually she has begun to make friends.


Cassim- Yuki is very fond of the janitor. It has been hinted that the two are soulmates.

Ruthven- A former member of her clan who turned his back on them and began cannibalizing his fellow vampires. Their relationship is complicated.

Kaien-Her uncle, whom she is very fond of. He hasn't contacted her since she arrived, and she has began to grow worried. Little does she know that he has been captured by Rido.

Rido- She is not a good terms with her ex fiance for killing her clan and now holding her uncle hostage.

Riza-She is the one who killed Yuki's mother, therefore she would be wise to watch her back.




Sinbad-They sometimes get drunk together.

Rogue- Her best friend and roommate.