Zak is the son of the Devil and student at High School in the roleplay series "They're All Real". He is played by 93erika93.


Zak is the son of the devil and the Medusa. He has power over dragons and can control them so that they do





The Devil

everything he wants. He is usually just scare people with them but once he murdered a girl. The girl is another of the students at the school. Her name was/is Elinowy and she still resides at Spirit High, though now as a ghost.

Zak and his mother Medusa

... Anyhow, goes without saying that is would be unwise to cross him.


Ariel- The two of them are friends.

Ayumu- Zak is friends with the Kitsune Fox.

Lilo- Zak picks on her, hence they are not on friendly terms.

Eilonwy-The girl he murdered, their relationship is a bit complicated.

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